Intro: Erica Eason Hall

Hello there,

Welcome to Hayden G. Hall Art Blog. Hayden and I plan to share posting responsibilities but it will be mostly me for a little while.

Today I’d like to formally introduce myself. I am Erica Eason Hall. 13 years married to Hayden G. Hall. He is a professional artist who paints Southern landscapes. And I have the pleasure of running the business behind his art. I will be sharing more about what that looks like. But I will also share with you how we got here.

Surviving tragedies and loss, living in major cities, navigating small town life, opening a restaurant and catering company, opening a boutique food market, opening a flower shop, closing brick and mortars, renovating big properties, selling properties, living in a trailer and more. Why we purposefully scaled down so that we could focus on what we really wanted. What we learned along the way and how we are able to thrive doing this full-time now.

So many life events have lead me to this moment (some of my own doing and some beyond my control) I am thankful for them all. I needed each and every one of them plus God’s Grace to get here. I hope to ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE YOU to get on your way to your mountaintop-whatever it may be-(and everyone’s looks different so don’t be comparing yours to someone else’s -advice tidbit no.1)

Mountaintop for us just means that we now have a clear view of all that is possible. It doesn’t mean that we have peaked and want to stop here. But we have the best perspective yet. We know what authentic alignment means to us in order to do our best work.

So here’s to today (me coming out of the quiet to be with you again ) and all the days to come of us connecting, growing and thriving together. Let’s do this!

Erica Eason Hall