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Hayden G. Hall was born and raised in Clarksdale, MS. After a career as a classically French trained chef and restaurateur, Hayden decided to follow his passion of pursuing art as a full-time career. He had no formal art education.  Only by sheer determination and the osmosis of observing the work of his father, a life long renowned oil painter, Hayden traded in the chef’s knife for a paint brush. He can either be found in his country studio just outside of Clarksdale or city studio in Midtown Memphis, TN. His works can be found in homes throughout the Delta, Memphis and beyond. Painting Southern Landscapes are where he finds the most inspiration and peace. Hayden and his wife Erica have lived in D.C. and New Orleans, nurturing their creative souls with new wonder, but something about the Delta and the South always seem to draw them back home. Erica's botanical living design shop, Oak & Ivy in Clarksdale includes Hayden G. Hall Art Gallery featuring his original works and other local Southern artists' work that fit their collective aesthetic. 
“I paint mostly from memory. Memory inspired by my surroundings. Ever since I was a kid, I have been in awe of the gorgeous and mysterious landscapes of the Mississippi Delta. I always knew there was a reason that I was so drawn to the Delta landscapes, and now I know why” -H.G.H.